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                                                                                                     Photo by Kyer Wiltshire

Sound Immersion Experience with Gongs & Singing Bowls

The sound vibrations of singing bowls, gongs & chimes guide us into a deep meditation. The healing vibrations pass through our bodies, opening blockages, allowing our minds to quiet. A wide range of ancient world traditions from Confucianism to the Pythagoreans’ claimed that sound could not only "tune the soul" but affect our cosmological & social worlds as well. The physiological impact of sound on the body, emotions & cognition is apparent. Through the vibrations of these instruments we experience an inner calm & deep relaxation that enables us to journey within & center. Danny offers the Sound Immersion Experience for Stanford University’s Health Improvement Program as well as many yoga, wellness & spiritual centers throughout the Bay Area & Santa Cruz including: Breathe Together, Divinitree Yoga, Pleasure Point Yoga, Yoga Tree, Menlo Pilates & Yoga, Spirit House, Sound & Consciousness Institute, Wen Wu Qigong School & more. Danny performs at events, retreats & festivals including: Globe Sound Healing Conference, Beloved, New Living Expo, Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Science & Nonduality Conference, Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity, Symbiosis Gathering, Phases of the Moon Festival & more.

Upcoming Sound Immersions

SF Yoga Magazine- “Sound Healing: Danny Goldberg”- October 2016

“Awakening the Nerve of the Soul”- May 2016

InMenlo News- April, 2014: “Danny Goldberg uses Sound Therapy to

guide people into a deep meditative state.”

Check out the Gong Sanctuary at Lightning in a Bottle Festival.

Yoga & Sound Immersion w/Danny Goldberg
90 minute-3 hour Yoga & Sound Immersion combination instructed by one of the outstanding yoga teachers Danny collaborates with. The sounds of Gongs & Singing

Bowls allow for the natural flow of energy in the body. Class always completes with a

30-60 minute sound bath meditation as you lay in Savasana to receive the healing

vibrations of the Singing Bowls, Gongs, Chimes & a variety of other instruments.